EST. July 2023

ABOUT Tallow Skin Co.

Tallow Skin Co. was founded by Melissa Hickman in the winter of 2022. As a foodie and home “chef” for years she was thrilled to discover tallow had a second use. After reading thousands of reviews online about the crazy healing properties tallow can provide - she went to work. It was love at the first whip. Since then Melissa slowly evolved the brand. She is currently certified in natural product formulation and is working on a certification in natural cosmetic chemistry. She is also a yogi, sourdough baker, certified nutritionist, art and dog lover.

Our mission is to bring you effective skincare without all the garbage. We specialize in tallow moisturizers, deodorant and artisan soaps, but also offer body butters, candles, lip care, and lotion (coming back soon). Our products utilize organic, grass-fed tallow sourced from Fatworks (local ranchers across Colorado), along with other animal-based and plant-based ingredients from small businesses. Our honey comes from local beekeepers and our goats milk from a farm down the road. 🤍 Anyone can benefit from using tallow, but many people are now being of its seeking it out as for acne, eczema, psoriasis, aging or sensitive skin.

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we believe in

Being self-sufficient, living simply, getting back to our roots, breaking away from commercialism, growing our own food, making our own skincare.

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From our family to yours.

As a small business, we cannot make any claims. Please read the descriptions carefully and use at your own discretion. We believe the reviews speak for themselves.