Dark Roast | Organic Tallow Moisturizer

Dark Roast | Organic Tallow Moisturizer

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Dark Roast is for our coffee lovers out there! This is a thick, rich and creamy blend that's heavier in tallow than our other moisturizers. Organic grass-fed tallow from our rancher friends around Colorado provides an incredible dose of thick moisture, vitamins A, K, D & E and healing properties to the skin. Golden jojoba infused with organic Madagascar Vanilla beans and dark roast coffee from our friends at Black Rifle give this moisturizer an incredible scent - without the use of essential oils (for anyone looking to avoid them). Jojoba is an incredible oil that is actually considered 'liquid wax'. It locks down moisture, balances oil production and is anti-inflammatory.

The use of caffeine within this balm helps to awaken and brighten the skin. It's wonderful for increasing blood flow and overall circulation which help regulate overall complexion. It's topped off with Shea Butter and Rose-Hip Seed oil - a powerhouse combination of brightening and hydrating butters and oils. Great for any skin types - recommended use is a light layer on the face, and a heavier layer under the eyes (this helps to fight dark eye circles or bags and release fine lines). 

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Tallow, Madagascar Vanilla Bean & Coffee Infused Jojoba, Shea Butter, Rose-Hip Seed oil, Vitamin E Oil